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  • A Growing Trend in Today’s Young Population | Tokuyama Dental Blog
    According to Ara Nazarian, D.D.S, the industry is seeing an increased number of younger patients, aged 25-45, who need full-mouth restorations. He uses the CS 8100 3D to determine the best course of treatment for these unique patients.

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  • “The Difference Integration Makes in the Orthodontic Practice” | Bite Magazine
    Dr. Jean-Michael Foucart is experiencing the gains in efficiency that Carestream Dental systems and software integration brings. The streamlined workflow, with all components synchronized and working in harmony, enables him to spend the optimal amount of time with his patients.

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  • User-Centered Design” | Orthodontic Products
    User-centered software design puts the focus back on the end user. Learn how Carestream Dental is listening to customer feedback in the redesign of key features of CS OrthoTrac.
  • The Implant Practice” | Dentistry Today
    Justin Moody, D.D.S., reflects on what makes an effective implant practice, including the best technology, such as the CS 8100 3D.
  • Full Arch Fixed Provisionals With Dual Stabilization Dental Implants” | Implant Practice
    Ara Nazarian explains how having the ability to take a patient from start to finish in a fewer amount of appointments with the aid of the CS 8100 3D positions his practice as one that can fulfill both patient’s surgical and restorative needs.

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  • “Impressing a Prospective Patient” | Orthodontic Products Online
    Which factors influence whether someone will choose a doctor for treatment? Matt Hendrickson, national sales director for orthodontics (and father of three), has high expectations for his children’s doctor.

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