Submit A Clinical Case

This form will guide you through the process of creating a clinical case. You may want to review one of our existing clinical cases to see the type of information you should include.


Section 1: Personal Information

Please include your professional biography here. Due to character restrictions, your biography should provide a high-level summary of your professional accomplishments and experience.
Select this option if you would prefer to upload your biography as a PDF or Word document.
Attach and upload your professional headshot. Keep in mind that, once formatted, the image size will be approximately 2 x 2.

Section 2: Case Information

The case overview provides background information on the patient, your clinical observations, and how you used Carestream Dental imaging products for diagnostic purposes.
Include a brief summary of your treatment recommendation(s) and the course of treatment the patient ultimately chose. Please also include any post-treatment/post-operative observations or care, including referrals.
Select this option if you would prefer to upload your Case Overview and/or Treatment Plan as PDF or Word document(s).

Section 3: Clinical Images

Clinical images are perhaps the most important component of any clinical case and should convey the diagnostic utility of Carestream Dental imaging systems. Please select up to eight clinical images (slices, panoramic/cephalometric views, bitewings, periapical radiographs, photographs) that best illustrate your clinical case, along with a brief caption for the image. Note: If your clinical case is selected, a Carestream Dental representative will work with you to secure the necessary documentation and image release forms.
Please provide a brief, one-sentence caption for each image you submitted. Be sure to specify the name of the image the caption applies to.

Section 4: Testimonial and Product Information

Please include a brief testimonial about your Carestream Dental imaging system and how it aided in your case.
Please provide any other information you would like us to know (preferred contact method, best time to reach you, etc.)