The Carestream Dental Factor

In 2012, Carestream Dental introduced its three new brand pillars: Integrated Workflow, Humanized Technology and Diagnostic Excellence.

CS Solutions

Scanning, designing, milling and placing a restoration in one appointment is possible with the CS Solutions CAD/CAM restoration portfolio.

CS 9300

The CS 9300 is a versatile multi-modality system that is easy to operate and provides fast, accurate results.

CS 9000 3D

With award-winning focused-field 3D technology and easy-to-use imaging software, the CS 9000 3D generates brilliant images quickly at a lower radiation dose.

CS 8100

The compact CS 8100 simplifies panoramic imaging by making sophisticated technology thoughtfully simple.

CS 7600

The CS 7600 is the world’s first intelligent digital imaging plate system, connecting the workflow of film with the benefits of digital imaging.

CS 1600

Shine a light on caries with the easy-to-use CS 1600 intraoral camera.

CS SoftDent v15.0 and the new Scheduler

Explore the different features of CS SoftDent v15.0’s new Scheduler, like the flyout and color-coding capabilities.